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$1,500,000 settlement: Truck driver took his eyes off the road claiming the life of client.

$1,400,000 settlement: Limited policy; A heating oil truck crossed the double-yellow line, striking client’s vehicle head-on, killing the driver and seriously injuring the passenger (the driver’s wife).

$1,195,000 settlement: Special-needs child was attacked by another special-needs child with an umbrella on the bus while strapped into his seat, unable to provide himself with any defensive action with an aide and driver present suffering multiple facial scars and permanent emotional trauma.

$950,000 settlement: Head-on collision claiming the life of client by driver with .28 blood alcohol.

$875,000 settlement: Client sustained severe aggravation of preexisting lumbar fusion with new herniation requiring fusion of entire lumbar spine.

$840,000 settlement: Multiple shoulder surgeries caused by trip-and-fall on vacuum hose left by cleaning company.

$750,000 settlement: Limited policy in which trailer of truck was perpendicular to the road while performing an illegal U-turn while waiting for drawbridge to come down at night. Plaintiff, unable to realize that the truck was blocking his path until the last moment, put his motorcycle down and suffered cervical fracture and other serious injuries necessitating emergency surgery.

$745,000 settlement: Intersection T-bone collision resulting in client sustaining traumatic brain injury with hemorrhages, multiple fractures and spinal injuries.

$550,000 binding arbitration award: Slip-and-fall on ice with left ulna fracture with internal fixation open reduction.

$500,000 settlement: Wrongful death with limited policy in which client was hit head-on by a novice driver after snowstorm and suffered terminal injuries.

$450,000 verdict: Rear-end hit in which plaintiff had prior back surgeries and suffered aggravation requiring multiple epidural and other pain management injections.

$450,000 settlement: Workplace accident in which plaintiff fell from a ladder and suffered fracture of lumbar spine and underwent surgical fusion.

$400,000 settlement: Tractor-trailer with “crash bar” rear-end collision, client suffered severe cervical issues requiring surgery, aggravation of a prior lumbar fusion surgery.

$360,000 settlement: Slip-and-fall on ice and snow where plaintiff hit head and had a mild TBI.

$350,000 settlement: Plaintiff suffered rib fracture, nasal fracture and right knee fracture with surgical repair. Plaintiff was hit by motor vehicle making a left turn.

$325,000 settlement: Client slipped and fell on water while shopping resulting in a fracture of the distal right femur, right patellar and right-ankle fracture, requiring surgery and removal of hardware for previous right-femur condition and surgery to both patella and right ankle.

$315,000 settlement: Plaintiff suffered left-wrist injury requiring surgery as well as neck and back injuries.

$300,000 settlement: Rear-end hit with limited policy in which plaintiff had cervical injury superimposed on prior cervical fusion necessitating revision of cervical fusion.

$245,000 settlement: The plaintiff was rear-ended by a school bus and suffered cervical and lumbar spine injuries with injections for pain management.

$240,000 settlement: As a result of a slip on ice, plaintiff suffered left-shoulder rotator cuff tear, aggravation of preexisting back condition and left-knee injury requiring surgery



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